Hello to all, today I will present to you my best skills and tell ab it about the start. I am a creative person as far I can remember myself. Drawing, making things, or just watching wonderful stuff, that's all me. About 10 years ago I started traveling a bit and when I was all the beauty and different cultures I wanted to take these memories forever. So the first smart move was getting a camera. I bought myself a Nikon d3100 and an 18-105 stock lens with it. I gotta say that camera was really good for that bucks.

Hello, that's me

My first shots were on AUTO function. I was a self-learner and My AUTO was changed to M in a year or something. Since then I am always shooting on M :) However, my first taken photos were travel photos. You know streets, people, cultures, landscapes, you name it.




My learning curve is strange :) I started editing photos before taking them. I fell in love with photo editing and graphic design before I got my first camera. I learned photoshop from videos and masterclasses. I think that was my strength. Even if the photo wasn't the best, I somehow did it presentable. But to be honest, today I edit my photos in totally different ways and if I reedit the photo it comes out much more pleasant.




What about my style?

I think every photographer has their own style of photo edits. After all, this is something that makes him/her different from others. I personally am not a fan of any particular style. Ok, I hate Instagram washed up, blue to cyan stuff. I think people killed that one because it is too much :) However, I am jumping to black and white, analog, crisp, realistic, and contract crunch. I love contrast, making that strong photography, sadly I am afraid the trend is more going into washed-up, decontrasted photos but hey I can re-edit my photos anytime. Here I can show you a bit of styles.



Riba nemo bnw.jpg



After the Nikon d3100

After my travels, I finished my schooling and work hard to save some money. I didn't touch the camera for about 5 years at least. Later I got married and with my wife, we started planning our new travels. She instantly fell in love with the idea of traveling and writing a blog, even if there are a billion blogs out there ... So we bought a Sony a6300 and a few lenses and packed our stuff. At that time we got into crypto as well. We found out Steemit and all our work went here as well. I am still taking travel photos but with a good focus on FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY and fine art photos.






What about ART?

My artistic soul is always with me even if my main tool is the camera. From time to time I leave photography and make some art pieces. I am just in a process of making a complete collection and start making limited fine-art prrints. I have started my NFT route already, but somehow the sales are not the best. Probably it is too early for NFTS or I should find out another platform.

Here is a link to my NFTs if you are interested in buy



blaster 2.0 fragment 1.jpg

blaster 2.0 fragment 2.jpg

blaster 2.0 fragment 3.jpg

blaster 2.0 fragment 4.jpg

What skills would I love to have?

I will be learning my whole life. I would like to know more about 3d modeling and texturing. I started into video editing as well. I know I should work a bit more on this but I lost interest due to my camera. I need a full-frame and better equipment for that. But hey it is on my bucket list. I hope Steemit will burst in this bull run so I can buy my new gear ;)

My video attempts

All right, I hope you got a feeling about me and my skills. I hope you like it. I am inviting @kekizz and @arrabela for this contest. See you around


These are wonderful

The food photography is yummy

Thank you very much. I am glad you like it

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Wow great @wnfdiary, you have wonderful skill you are an excellent photographer

Thanks for your participation. Best of luck for the contest

Thank you very much!

Wonderful photography!