The First Flower of the Peacock Plant


Did you know about Peacock Plant? This houseplant is a Calathea type.


A beautiful pattern like a Peacock. That's why I was interested in adopting this plant.

A few days ago I adopted this houseplant for 35K IDR or around 2.5 USD.


The joy of this morning came to me. I saw something different in my Peacock Plant.

My peacock plant gracefully has a purple flower. Oh, it's so charming and provides interesting details.


I'm glad my adoptive houseplant has put out flowers even though it's only been a few days at my house.


Apart from being an attractive houseplant because of its color, I also function as a peacock plant as a complementary property for photos in my room.

It refreshes the scene for me when I work, and can add a different touch of detail to my workspace.


What do you think of my Peacock Plant? Are you also interested in having a Peacock Plant in your home or in your workspace?



I saw peacock plant only from internet. I didn't see live yet. I'm so interesting if my garden has at least one plant. It has very attractive looks.

Yeah so beautiful. Thats why I bought the plant 😊