How you can affect change as a minnow or redfish (500 words a day)

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Five hundred words is a lot. That's why I wrote that out. I don't usually do too well on these types of things, but I figured I would give it a shot. So while I don't feel a deep need to improve my English (I am a native speaker), I will use this as an effort to improve my online presence and hopefully connect with a few more people.

I think I'm going to approach this thing kind of like a free write. So please don't mind my rambling. I tried the five-minute free writes that a lot of folks do around here, but I usually end up with about 30 words, lol. So this will be a little bit different.

Since everyone recommends having an image and since I'm not a big fan of searching pixabay for a photo for my posts, I decided to just find one from my camera. This one happens to be one of my cousin holding a wild tarantula he found in the south western US. These huge spiders migrate at certain times of the year and sometimes you can even find them crossing streets and roads in herds. Surprisingly, they don't usually bite people. They even let people like my crazy cousin here pick them up and handle them without incident.

@nathanmars brought me here because I saw his post. I've got to say that the dude is pretty inspirational. His presence on Twitter and here on the blockchain is evident. This brings me to another point I would like to make.

I have seen a lot of people on here make the point that they have no control or influence over what the whales decide to do here. That is not true. I don't care how small your account is. You have the ability to affect change on this blockchain. In fact, I would say you have the responsibility to affect change on this site. Many of you might be asking yourselves how you can affect change. There are a number of answers to that question.

First - be the change you want to see. If you wish you had more engagement on your posts, engage more on other people's posts. If you wish more people would tip you, tip more people yourself. When you do these things, you are establishing your part of the collective culture of the blockchain.

Second - If you have an idea to improve, or if you see something wrong, speak out against it. Never underestimate the power of your voice. A well articulated idea and persistent communication of that idea can change the world. This is evident throughout the history of the world. You can speak out through making top level posts, commenting on other's posts, evangelizing on other platforms and many other ways.

Third - make connections and strive to understand perspectives. Make friends and support them. They, in turn, will most likely support you. That is how you make a community and the community is power. Anybody posting on Hive who was around on Steem can attest to this.

Well, that puts me past 500 words. Please let me know your thoughts below. Hopefully this post will spur or reinforce some small revelations in at least one person. I will see you all tomorrow.



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