Life of a fisherman


In our country, those who became fishermen didn't finish studying. If we will be talking about a life long time ago. Studying was not that important. What was important was earning money right away. Even at a young age, the parents influenced their children to earn money. We couldn't blame them since life was really hard. Even now maybe, but compared before I think there's a big difference.

I remember what my father experienced from his mother. It's quite a long story because my father was gone and my grandmother as well. He told me before that we were lucky now. He and his brothers and sisters wanted to finish studying. But because grandmother needed them to help her in daily food. They were being told that "grades couldn't be eaten. Just plant crops or plant and for just 3 months you can earn money and you can eat it."


That was harsh but I can't blame their way of teaching their children long ago. I'm not saying too that all fishermen had a dark past. Maybe they just want to be fishermen because it's fun. Who knows they are just being attached to the sea. Although one thing is clear to me. Life of a fisherman is not that easy.

They were in the sea every day without assurance to catch fish. Especially now a lot of big fishing vessels these days. The small fishermen like in our place caught just a few of them. It's simply because they can't reach far away from their small boats. Fish these days are hard to find nearby. Perhaps it's because of the population we have now. The consumption of fish needs a greater number.

I don't think fishermen will be rich by just fishing. You know that the merchants are controlling the prices. They bought it from fishermen with just a low amount. They will sell it with almost double from the original price. That's one of the reasons why I will not sell the fish I caught sometimes. But not to the other fishermen cases because they have families need to feed. Unlike me, I can catch fish or not it's fine. There will always be food waiting on the table.


It's hard but this is their way how to earn money. To buy food, to send children to school and other expenses. Maybe there were times one meal will have nothing to eat. We don't know but just an assumption. No one can predict if there will be a catch. The sea is harsh after all. You will feel hot in the sun and after the sky will shower you. That's life and we need to gamble. It's better rather than doing nothing.

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