The children and the seashore


Seashore is my paradise. This is where I spend most of the time. Whenever I'm lonely or happy. This is where I always stay. Just feeling the grasp of the wind when it blows. Just enjoying the view of the sea. Just making myself relax by wondering. A lot of reasons why I love to use my vacant time at the shore. Myself being alone here makes me feel sufficient already. But it doesn't mean I don't want to see people that will catch my attention while I'm here.


I always love to see children having fun. Perhaps, I envy them because I wanted to enjoy life like them. Some part of me sometimes tells me to return from the past. It's normal because of so many problems I've been facing. I'd love to forget it and just enjoy life. I know it won't be possible. There's no way that I could do something to go back from the old times. That's why by just watching the children. It made me full and ignores what worries me now. Although, not all the time because I know I'll think about the futures to come.

The photos were taken quite a while. I just didn't know how I would express my thoughts of happiness during this time. All I know, I felt delighted just watching the children. Actually, I was not alone at that time. I had my friends chilling as well. He was the one who took these photos and I asked him to have them.


I loved how these children looked in the photograph. It's enjoyable seeing them not feeling shy facing the camera. But also I must say, my friend has the talent for playing his camera. I could tell that the emotions of these children were clear. It was like I was watching them in person. Maybe my judgement is wrong but I think the photograph looks alive.

I didn't remember what I did that time. I was captivated by these children. I spent my time watching them. Playing on the shore. The old days felt like coming while watching them. It made me think again, "how nice to be children again." I couldn't help myself at that time to feel nostalgia. The memories when I was young kept coming back. It was so long ago and yet it's so vivid in my thoughts. It's nice to remember the past after all.


I thought I would never see this tire hanging on a tree. I thought this kind of play-thing wouldn't be played by the children anymore. You know the generation today. It's not easy to find children playing old games. Still, I'm thankful to see this kind of happening. My time chilling at the shore was rewarded with so much joy because of these children. It was a boring day but it turned out to be beautiful.

Thank you for reading
images are mine

d' dreamboy,

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