in Tribe Steem Up!2 months ago

We are so happy about our new chicks!

With some uncertain eggs, the Little-Peppers still did an amazing job in the incubator with these. At the moment, we have nineteen little chicks alive and doing well. They are an impressive mix of breeds, and we are excited to watch them grow and see their plumage develop. Here's some group photos of them. Enjoy!


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Cuteness Extreme!

I ended up powering a solid amount up here. With that STEEM Backed Dollar Flying to the Moon again we might be looking at a repeat of 2017.

Some others are starting to show back up here!

Nice! I was blown away when I saw SBD almost at double digits again!

Yeah it is pretty unreal and I think there will be more of a flow of people back to here and if STEEM ends up on the first page of CoinMarketCap again I could see a lot of new people onboarding.

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