My MOST DANGEROUS Day This Year (so far)

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I made it out alive!

They needed help, and apparently I was the man for the job. It gave me an opportunity to try something new. Also, the Little-Peppers were able to bless them with some help too. After they finished their task, the children went fishing, and, although it took a lot longer and more effort than I had hoped, I finished my task too. As an added bonus, no one got hurt. Enjoy the show!

My MOST DANGEROUS Day This Year (so far) - VIDEO

Until next time…

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We could jump off the cliffs again to try to make it more dangerous!

Amazing day and so good to se all the little peppers being productive and having fun.

Wow! That’s quite a day!
Now I know who to call when I want my tree branches trimmed down! LoL

This video was made while visiting @themyrrhmaid - Feel free to check her out!

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