Outdoor Kitchen and Root Cellar Tour

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This was cool to see!

I was recently granted permission to take you all on a short tour of an outdoor kitchen and a root cellar. As we finish our root cellar and plan our outdoor kitchen, looking at other ones in person can be a great way to get ideas. There are a few things that I really like about each of these, but when you notice how close the root cellar is to the outdoor kitchen, that's what really impresses me. This is something that we've thought about, and even plan on building our outdoor kitchen on top of our root cellar, just to get them even closer.

For many, an outdoor kitchen is a nice addition to the property or the homestead. For livestock, fish, and wild game, it provides a great place to process them outside of the house. When it comes to canning and preserving foods, it helps keep a lot of moisture and heat out of the house, especially in the hot summer months.

Root cellars predate the refrigerator, and is still how many people store a variety foods. For many preppers and homesteaders, life couldn't be imagined without one. Especially once all the effort of filling your jars with your harvest is exhausted, it's nice to rest assured that your efforts are not in vain, and stored food will be safe.

I enjoyed making this little tour, and hope that you learned a thing or two, or at least got some good ideas.

Outdoor Kitchen and Root Cellar Tour - VIDEO

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When trying to play the video I got an error... not sure if it is on my end or yours.

Did you try again? Apparently over 500 people were able to view it....

Apparently if I click on the video to play it gives me an error here on steam, but if I open the video in youtube then I can watch it there.

Great set up, I love it.

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