A simple pencil sketch drawing of my drawn aliens

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"A simple pencil sketch drawing of my drawn aliens".

**Galaxy M20**

A simple pencil sketch drawing of my drawn aliens


HI everyone! A few days later I did a drawing again today. Today's drawing I did of an alien. I did this drawing in a very simple way. And I still love to do any drawing in a very simple way.

Like other times, I did this drawing in my spare time. In fact, drawing has not been done for some time, so I suddenly thought of drawing in my spare time. I have drawn today's picture of this alien in 2 parts.

In fact, while drawing, I forgot to take part-to-part pictures. I just came to the last stage and suddenly remembered that there was 1 step left and I picked it up.

However, to draw a picture of this alien, I first took a sketch paper and with it 2 sketch pencils, rubber. Then I drew a head like the head of the first alien on sketch paper and drew something like a drop on the head.

Then I drew 2 big ears. Then I drew two big eyes and drew a mark like a spot between the two eyes. Then I made a kind of long drawing in the place of the face, like the aliens without a normal face.

Then I drew two long and slender hands and drew the clawed fingers. Then I drew two legs playing from the body of the alien and I also drew their clawed toes.

And so I drew a picture of the alien in general with a pencil in the first part. Then in this general drawing, I rubbed the color in different places with 6B pencil and added a little beauty to the picture.

The 2 steps of this drawing I am mentioning below---



I used a (4B / 6B) pencil to draw this picture.

I hope you all like my drawings! You can comment on how I like the pictures, I will be happy to read them.



hola te quedo genial y si a mi también me suele pasar que olvido tomar las fotos del paso a paso, pero tu describiste el proceso muy bien.

Gracias mi amigo