ArtVenture Contest: Autumn Leaves

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Growing up, I saw lots and lots of movies thanks to my Uncle. And in these movies I got to learn things I probably wouldn't have learnt till I was much older seeing that my Dad believed in a step by step system of learning, he restricted me from exploring. One of the things I learnt back then as a child was the seasons. Down here in Africa, only few regions get to witness seasons like winter so knowing the seasons was somewhat a misnomer but I learnt it anyways. And today I'll be sharing with you my illustration of Autumn. After much thought seeing this is my first ever coloured Painting, I got myself dozens of illustration but they just somehow didn't add up. Unsurprisingly, yesterday I stumbled upon a picture of a fallen leaf and voila my mind lit up and the idea of colours and graphite shorn through. Here's what I came up with;


The Outline






Materials used for this sketch were;
6 and 10B pencils, and
A pack of markers (I'm just as shocked)

Thanks once again for stopping by, please do leave a comment.


Hi @ezunjoshy thank you for your contribution to contest, maple leave is one of the symbol of autumn and you did it very well :)

 2 months ago 


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