Energy Strands connect us to people and things.

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When I created this artwork I had in mind the idea of energetic strands or bonds between people, events, places and things. We cannot see them but we feel them. Sometimes they are positive in nature and sometimes negative. Sometimes we should remove them as they can hold us back and sometimes they are benevolent.
Whats strands do you have? What holds you back, who do you love and how is it you feel such an intuition with certain people? Have you ever thought of someone and then they contact you?

This is my digital artwork I share with you titled Energy Strands

energy strands .png

And another version, slightly different

Energy Strands.png

A mock up of what it can look like on the wall

energy strands on wall.jpg


Wow! Beautiful art and such a deep theme of our existence. Energetic strands! I call it quantum entanglement but yours is so much more poetic!

Actually I love the term quantum entanglement. Sounds awesome.

I love this thank you for sharing
What strands do I have ? Possibly strands of my past life strands connected to my ancestors that I have Been cutting the cord to actions thoughts embedded on a deeper level that DO NOT serve me and it has worked !

I totally get that. I have gently but firmly severed strands from romantic connections to people and felt more at peace as a result. I have found they can creep back so sometimes one has to repeat the process.