Butterfly Making With Paper: DIY

Hey Everyone!!
My today's blog is a diy of butterfly only using the paper. So before i show you how i made it, have a look at it👇...



So here are the steps of making it.

As i mentioned, for making this butterfly i just used magzine papers and glue.

So firstly what i did is, i took a paper of magzine and rolled it with the help of a pen rifil from one corner of the paper. Through this process, i turned the paper into a hard & thin paper roll like this 👇...,


  • So i prepared 30-40 such strips of paper and start making from it.
  • Now firstly i make the leaf shape feather of the butterfly.
  • For this, i paste two strip's one side end together.
  • For making a thick layer, i paste three strips on one another.
  • Then i fold their other side from a little length and paste them on one another.
  • Following the above steps i made two equal length feather for the butterfly 👇.


  • Then i made the heart shape feather of the butterfly.
  • For this, i again stick the one side end of two strips together.
  • Then paste two more strips over it.
  • Then i stick the other end over one another inward side, giving it a shape of heart.
  • Following the above steps i made 2 heart shape feathers.


  • Then i made the centre part of the butterfly.
  • It was also easy and same as the above parts.
  • Also for this, i took two strips,paste them together and paste two more layer on it, like this 👇..


  • After this, i made the antena of the butterfly.
  • It was very easy to make.
  • I just rolled the one end and give a little curl to the remaining part, like this 👇


  • After making all these parts, i just combined them and here my butterfly got ready 🤗.......


Its Ready To Fly 🦋....


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