Get majestic

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Get majestic

Hello Community,

In our communities, the admin can give each member an additional title. This title can be chosen freely.

One or the other has probably already noticed the new title next to the name.
With a title I would like to express my respect for the artists.

There are 6 titles in the ART Community:

  1. Impressive
  2. Creative mind
  3. Very creative mind
  4. Out of the ordinary
  5. Chevalier d'art
  6. Majestic

If someone thinks that an artist deserves a title, write a comment under the artist's work in this way:

@seo-boss make "title".

Anyone who has impressed me or others at least once can get the title "Impressive".

Anyone who has demonstrated a wide range of skills can get the title “Creative Mind”.

Anyone who is regularly active and constantly impresses with their skills can get the title “Very creative Mind”.

Anyone who invents new style elements and brings harmony and beauty together in a special way can get the title “Out of the ordinary”.

The title “Chevalier d'art” (French knight of art) is given to artists who are highly regarded as such and who have demonstrated a high level of creativity.

The title “Majestic” is only given to very exceptional artists who present new works of art in an absolutely convincing way in form, sound, image or writing and who also promote other artists in the ART community through upvotes.

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 5 months ago 

Thanks so much for your innovative addition, label.

thank you so much :-) that was my first title :)) I like it

 5 months ago 

Excellent initiative, this will help us to interact harmoniously in the ART community. Blessings.

 5 months ago 

your title systems is so unique thanks for set this title

 5 months ago 

This is really cool, it's time to roll up my sleeves.

Thank you very much! ♥

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 5 months ago 

excelente iniciativa

 5 months ago 

This is quite beautiful. Nice initiative.

 5 months ago (edited)

Es una buena idea y seria un honor al que gane cualquiera de esos títulos. Muchas gracias.

This is such a nice idea. Brilliant stuff.

Hi I would love to be apart of the art community here on steem, I use to do alot few years ago here with my @withbosh account but I no longer seem to be able to login, which is heart breaking and so I quit steem.. Which was a mistake, I know.. 3 years later I AM BACK and would love to be apart of this community

Holiwirissssssssss muchas gracias, soy nueva por aquí, pero este post me motivo a publicar, porque tenia un poco de miedito 🤗🤗🤐🤗😘😘

Me encanta la iniciativa y me encanta formar parte de esta comunidad. 😉