✏️ Sketch of Girl – 10

in ART 🌻🎨📝last month (edited)

How are you fellow steemers? I have to confess, although my last weeks were super busy, I always try to find some time to browse at least some minutes across Steemit.
I'm celebrating the tenth post of my project Sketch of Girl. Kind of a personal discipline achievement for such a messy guy as me :-P. But I would like to address much of the credit to this community. Since I've started to share my sketches and photographs I received nice feedbacks that kept me motivated. Specially from #art and #worldofxpilar communities whose moderators and members like @axeman @art-venture @seo-boss have been so kind, selecting and sharing my work. You've been great guys! I couldn't feel more welcome.
It's been an inviting experience so I have to keep improving.
Thank you all for watching!





This cool sketch was inspired by the sweet portrait by photographer Holger Nitschke

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