✏️ Sketch of Girl – 31

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Hello fellow steemers! These days I'm reading about NFT platforms to get a better understand of them and learn everything I can on how tokenized art ecosystems work. So in order to planning debut in the art market I'm committed to create a few artworks with higher standards than I'm used to post here. I think my first attempts are getting pretty nice and as soon these experiments become available I'd like to share with you guys.
So for today I'm only posting an old but cool page that I didn't share before. There are 3 sketches of girls in the same page but made in different occasions as usual for me.
Also as usual, I'm putting only the links of the photo references I could remember below.
Thanks for watching!

Pink Girl | Stylish B&W of Madison by Emily Soto
Blue Girl | #NSFW | Anhen by Anna Shakina
Red Girl | #NSFW | Sasha Smith by Amer Mohamad for Playboy NZ


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Really nice work! I think my favourite is the girl with the boots in red.

What kind of color pencils are you using?

 2 months ago 

Hello @erosaerik.art! Thanks for asking.
I'm using very old watercolor pencils from Faber Castell. But keeping then dry because they are already very soft. When I say very old It means they actually have about 15 / 20 years old, from the time I was in college. I just rediscovered them in the basement visiting my parents house during the lockdown. I did a previous post about this cool story you can check in this link
✏️ Sketch of Girl – 08

Oh thats a pretty cool story! I've never used watercolor pencils this way… maybe its time I do… I don't use mine much afterall. ;)

Hola tu trabajo es exquisito y delicado.

Me encantaría aprender esa técnicas que usas.

Saludos y éxito.

 2 months ago 

No hay nada especial en mi técnica.
Solo estoy dibujando con viejos lápices de acuarela que son muy suaves. Pero lo mantengo seco. Considero que estos dibujos son más estudios de figuras que piezas de arte terminadas, por lo que no me preocupan demasiado los procesos complicados. Me estoy divirtiendo dibujando durante los lockdowns. Quizás debería hacer una publicación paso a paso. Soy un poco vago, pero pensaré en intentarlo. Gracias!

Yo pensaba que eran lapices de colores normales jajaja pero son de acuarelas.
Y para ser piezas no terminadas y solo dibujos de estudio están muy bien hechos.
Si publicas un paso a paso seria genial y a mi aun se me olvida que debo tomar las fotos jajaja .