📢 Contest Announcement # 3: Share your local specialties !!! | Total Prize 30 STEEM

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📢 Contest Announcement # 3: Share your local specialties !!! | Total Prize 30 STEEM


Hello friends of Steemians, including members of the "History & Culture" community

The "History & Culture" community was formed due to technological advances in the current millennial era. This community is involved in history and culture. Community consists of political economy, geography, sociology, social theory, literary theory, film theory, cultural anthropology, philosophy, and art history. So that this community is full of education and knowledge about history and culture. The “History & Culture” community can be a place for you to share and learn about history and culture in the world. In order for the "History & Culture" Community to progress and develop, together we decided to hold the 3rd contest with the theme, "Share your local specialties !!!" .

We think this theme is very important and adds to our knowledge. This theme requires us to get to know history and culture more deeply. Because the role of millennials is needed to preserve culture and history, let's enjoy this contest!

Winner & Prize Distribution

Winner 115 STEEM
Winner 210 STEEM
Winner 35 STEEM


Contest Rules:

  1. Subscribe to the "History & Culture" community
  2. Post about "your local specialty." Tell us to be as unique as possible!
  3. Posts must contain at least 200 words, if more is good.
  4. Posts must contain at least 4 photos, Put the source if you took it elsewhere.
  5. Posts showing plagiarism will not be reviewed.
  6. Use the first tag #hcyourls, #contest and your country (ex #Indonesia and Venezuela).
    Redeem this post to let more people know.
  7. Please invite 3 new friends to take part in this contest!
  8. You can write in any language you understand.

Note :

This contest will take place after this post is published and will end on (26-2021 May). The contest winner assessors will be reviewed by the admin of this community @rezamusic22 and moderators @ahyar92, @dimasputra and @imamalkimas

I want to thank steemcurator01, steemcurator02 and steemitblog who are willing to support this contest :)



We Are Waiting For Your Participation Everyone :)

great contest, I hope many will follow it.👍🏽

Thank You @kebena

Thank you very much @kebena

Great Contest sir @rezamusic22, @ahyar92, @dimasputra
I will definitely participate

 6 months ago (edited)

Thank You, We are waiting for your participation :)

Thank you @nabilaku😊

will end on (19-2021 May)

A bit confused here though...?!

And local specialities means food items right?

yes .. typical food in your area. each region has its own special food😊. Your real photos will add positive value, enjoy, friends.

I will change the date, something went wrong🙏🏻

Thanks 😊

Wooow great Contest,I love this alot
I'm gonna participate .. thanks alot @rezamusic22 for for giving us another opportunity

I will happily wait for it😊

I'm happy to have taken part in this wanderful Contest ,I will drop my link here 👇👇

Thank you for taking part❤️

Thank you for taking part❤️

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