Blurt Price Update - September 30th


With Blurt not being on CoinmarketCap or coingecko yet I think doing a daily price report is a good idea. With this report I will give a Low price in SATS and USD and the high in SATS and USD.


30 SeptLow- 0.00000112 High- 0.00000150$0.01 - $0.02

24h Vol: 0.27 BTC / $ 2899.66

As you can see Ionomy is at 2899 in volume. That is not a bad day. the price has gone up nicely from anywhere from 80 to 100 sets up to a comfortable 150 average over the last couple days.


30 SeptLow - 0.06601 High - 0.10000$0.01

24h Vol: 2,295 HIVE / $353.77

On the hive engine it's nice to see people dumping their hive for blurt. When it comes to hive-engine it is one the easiest ways to sell steem or hive for blurt.

This is not financial advice**

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