STEET ART #74 – The history of Chile

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The city of Valparaiso on Chile's west coast has the largest concentration of street art I have ever seen anywhere. In just one street I counted more than 25 pieces! We did a walking through the areas of Alegre and Concepcion which have the most. To be able to get an introduction to the history of the city and the street art, we chose to do a guided walking tour, which was a great way to get a lot of information. I have allready done some posts with a many of the murals we saw, except these photos.

This mural is large, covering several meters of the wall. It's located in a narrow alley, which made it impossible to get a photo of the whole wall. But it's when you study the details that you realize that this mural covers some of the history of Chile. I can't recall the artists name and didn't write it down either.

The wall shows most aspects of Chile's history intertwined with both past and present. Natives and Spanish conquerors. Tourists, watching the unfolding of the violent scenes. The woman has a souvenir in her bag – a pan flute.

It is said that it was Columbus who discovered America in 1492. In Chile it was the Spanish conquestador Pedro de Valdivia, who came to Chile in 1540, and who founded several cities. Many statues of him have been destroyed in recent years because he is seen as the man who started colonial rule almost 500 years ago. Military coups, dictoarship, civil wars and unrest are also part of Chile's past. Despite all this Chile has made changes that have contributed to economical development and improved education.

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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