STREET ART #68 - «Malaga Loves Art» (Spain)

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An early morning walk in the district of Soho revealed an amazing art scene. There are huge murals done by well-known artists. In adition you will find several minor graffiti and murals done on abandoned houses where the windows or shop shutters has been removed and closed with cement.

Soho is located close to the historical center around the cathedral and the marina. Both these areas are well maintained and has lots of cafees and chic boutiques. As soon as you cross the street from one of these areas and enter Soho you will see how different it looks. There are no chic boutiques and cafes. (we didn't see any...) even though we did see some architectural gems which testifies how many of the neglected houses must have looked like once. Many houses are vacant. Also shop fronts are blocked, but artists have made use of that and decorated many of these.

But the city has been taken this seriosly and has taken actions to do something about it. They initiated a project – MAUS ( Malaga Arte Urbano Soho) in order to change the look and turn Soho into an actractive and vibrant part of town.

These pieces of art were added to the street art scene in 2019. They show clearly that "Malaga Loves Art". The artist who did these colorful pieces, is an Italian artis who's name is TV Boy. When we looked at them, we think we recognise Antonia Banderas and Pablo Picasso. The others are probably also well-known people, but we didn't recognize any of them.

The area is loaded with street art. The MAUS project made sure to get some of the world well-know artist to town. There are huge murals done by artists like: D'Face, Dean Stockton, Obey, ROA, Okuda and DALeast, Faith among others. Soho is definitely an area worth visiting.

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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