STREET ART #69 – Art with a message from Q.M (Kristiansand, Norway)

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When most countries startet to shut down in March, Corona inspired art started to appear. During the first months of lockdown it appeared rapidly in cities all over the world. Street art became the way artists could communicate messages that could provide hope and inspiration in a difficult time. Many murals showed nurses wearing a protective mask – A tribute to the health workers around the world.

In Kristiansand I saw the first «corona» related piece of art a few days after lockdown. From March 12th home office was the normal (still is - to some extent). Every day when my work day was over, I went out for a walk, but only in my own neighborhood. In that way I learned a lot about my own town and discovered new street art and local artists I hadn't been aware of. On one of these trips, I came across Batman by chance. His message means something like: Love a lot and often. Be nice».

A screenshot from my Instagram account

It is signed Q.M., an artist I was not familier to. Later the same day, Batman was on the local news. I did a post, both on Hive and on Instagram. Q.M. - Quirky Mouse found the post on Hive and when she learned her art had been shown on the local news, she got that clip and did a post on her Instagram account. That's how we found out about each other.

Not long after I again found one of Q.M.'s work. It's on the back side of one of the biggest hotels in town. As you can see it's so small and easy to miss.. I desided to keep my eyes more open from now on! That turned out to be a good idea. It didn't take long before I passed spiderman...

Another Corona inspired message. The last sentence « vask hendene dine» means « wash your hands». There is still more to come from an artist who has several cartoon characters as favorites. I just have to keep looking.

These are found on the island of Odderøya. I have allready done a post about Odderøya, which used to be closed to the public because of military activity. When the military moved out, the artists moved in. It's a well known cultural center of our region.

They are quite small. I saw them on Instagram and went out looking for them, but couldn't find the place. They are actually painted on the foundation of one of the old cannons. Had to ask for the specific location.

At the entrance to Odderøya. Bambi is telling us something like «Everything and everyone will be well».

A small flower on a small building on Odderøya. On Instagram Q.M. Has posted the flower and written «Some flowers grow in the middle of the night».

Not too long ago I came across Batman and Catwoman. This is actually the same wall as the first paste up of Batman. He has got company.

Link to Quirky Mouse's Instagram:

Since I follow Quirky Mouse on Instagram, I see that this is a very productive artist! Can't keep up with her! There are several other local artists who I didn't know about before the last few months. All has contributed to turn our city into an outdoor gallery.

Please do follow if you want to keep up with my next street art. Any upvotes or resteems are hugely appreciated!

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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