See you soon, Vologda!

in TravelFeed9 months ago

I never thought that I would miss another city, in which I was not born and not lived for a long time. Yes, I miss Vologda. I am now on vacation and am in my homeland, in Veliky Ustyug.

Vologda became my hometown for me, where my own life began and where my family lives.

Veliky Ustyug still makes me feel welcome, but this is no longer my space.

While on vacation, I still work very hard. I capture spaces, villages, provincial life.

There is enough work everywhere. Photography for me is always a job and I almost never rest.

There is an official job, and there is a job in life and I do not distinguish between them. It's all one whole.

It's good that work is fun.

There is no need to wait until a certain time comes for something, but you need to take and do.

Otherwise, the whole life will pass by. In words, this statement will seem like nonsense, but it will be too late when you realize that it is true.

Do what you want and don't try to make all the money in the world, you still won't succeed!

Unless, of course, your whole life goal is to become rich in monetary terms.

Vologda turned a lot in my life, in my mind.

To be honest, I don't know what else to write. No thoughts in my head. They are there, but have not yet been processed.

Therefore, you can just watch the pictures of Vologda at sunset, which I took before the trip to Veliky Ustyug.

Now it is different there, clearly more yellow.

There will be autumn photos as well. Just in time for my arrival, a full-fledged golden autumn will come.

Soon it will be exactly a year since I have been living in Vologda. How quickly time passed, but I would not say that it was in vain.

It has been a very productive and eventful year in terms of creativity and emotion.

See you soon, Vologda!