South Beach Son Tra : Bãi Nam : Beach Clean Up

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South Beach Son Tra : Bãi Nam : Beach Clean Up

On April 21nd, 2021, the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang in central Vietnam hosted an Earth Day Beach Clean Up event.

More than 100 volunteers from schools, expats, hotels, and businesses came together to collect a bunch of trash from a local beach and surrounding areas. This kind of event is essential for the future of our planet and our health.

For today's mission we headed to a place called South Beach Son Tra, or as the locals call it, Bãi Nam.


Google Map Link :

That this was a beautiful Picturesque location along the beach. A lot of local fishermen parked their boats and go fishing from its shores. As it is so nice a lot of tourists and locals seem to use the beach and may not remove their trash when they leave. This is very sad, however to honor our earth, we went out today to do a small part and clean this up!

My day started at 5 AM waking up what can only be described as a beautiful sunrise.


After walking the puppy dog and giving him some food I had a cup'o coffee and headed over to meet everybody at Section 30, we were going to stage here and then head over as a group. When everybody arrived we headed out for a ride out to the Peninsula,


We got to the beach, We help carry down some tents and water, to set up and get ready.


There was lots of visible trash, however was also some really beautiful places like this old boat being slowly taken back by the jungle.


In this photo you can see the many boats out at sea anchored, you could see the city of Da Nang off in the background, and the white structure on top of the stretch of land is the lady Buddha.


Here are my three friends from section 30 who inspired me to join today. Nguyên, Thao, and Eric. All very positive people!


A bunch of people showed up as well, To be quite frank more than I thought would show up, that is great!!


The issue you a metal cleaning thong, a trashbag, and gloves.


Doc hears Eric and myself promoting Section 30. lol.


Before the beach cleanup started, I walked around a bit and took a few photos of different areas look quite nice. Here are a few of them.


This old bike that got washed up on the shore pretty darn rad, or perhaps it's the legendary bike fish?




The texture the bottom of this boat I thought was Fantastic.


After few speeches and talks and handshakes and ceremony people took a group picture and the cleanup started.


I don't have photos of myself cleaning because well ... I was cleaning ... but I did Manager take a few of other people


Well I lied there is one or two pictures of me looking rugged doing stuff...


Happen here is the second one... With the lady looking quite confused behind me.. lol


There is lots of beautiful nature to which just scream for photo shoots, but we cleaned up the rocks next to them and made them even more beautiful.


Parts of the Beach Really Needed A Lot Of Love


There were giant pieces of wood to break down as well.


The background this photo you can see the news crew came out to do a video as well. It's good to get promotion about these issues to inspire more people to take action.


At the end Eric and I did a belly bump and call it a day. Or at least we try to... lol


I ended up grabbing a few more photos of the local area as well, After the location was packed and raid to go.








All in all it was a beautiful morning, we cleaned the beach and removed a lot of trash in the area, I hope the locals and tourists will be more inspired and work hard to keep their environment clean. We can only hope!

During the beach cleanup A young lady From Myanmar fainted, I helped her back to the starting area to sit in the shade and drink water, then met up with her after the event. She needed a ride home, so I offered to give her a lift back to Her apartment.

Her other two friends were on a motorbike and told me to follow them. On the way back the person in front veered to the right and then did a hard turn to the left. As I was coming up on their left this took me off guard (* I thought they were going to continue to the right), needless to say we crashed, and I got in my first motorbike accident in Vietnam. lol

Here is my commemorative badge that I made for myself.


They didn't get any damage, everyone is fine except my bike which need some love. lol. What a fun day!

Thank you for taking the time to read I hope you'll come back to read more my stories!

Best Regards.




Travel Photos:@RoamingSparrow



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