Secret Pizza in Luang Prabang, LAOS

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I've lived by this wonderful place for years, but have only visited three times. It has an accurate name since it's hard to find hidden deep in a residential area with hard-to-spot signs and only open six hours a week. They are open just two days a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, from 6 pm to 9 pm. Google Maps has their hours and location correct so you can trust it with directions if you want to try what most ex-pats consider the best pizza in town.

I remember I thought pizza was gross when I was a kid until my step-dad asked me what the favorite food of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was. Maybe he just knew better pizza restaurants than my mom or maybe my desire to be a totally radical turtle made me love that large pepperoni pizza, but I've been a pizza lover since 1989. I've heard that New York or Italy has the best pizzas. I don't know. I'm not a pizza expert. I can never pronounce any of their names on the menu, but pizza is my favorite food and I promise you that Secret Pizza won't let you down. There's something special about a pizza cooked in a wood oven. It tastes so much better for some reason.

I was walking my pitbull here around two years ago when two huge beautiful young German Shepherds ran towards me and jumped up as the owner worriedly said they won't bite as they gave me a big hug. They knew somehow I was a dog person. If they did attack, I had my pitbull nearby so I wasn't afraid plus I could see they were still puppies. They must take them somewhere else when the restaurant is open.

I've never seen anyone playing pool or foosball. I invited my girlfriend to play one time but she didn't know how and didn't want to look foolish in front of everyone. The tables are a little bit bigger outside of the US so whenever I go back I feel the tables are a lot easier to play on.

There is just something that reminds me of The Hobbit about their decorations. Maybe it's the round cover.

It's good to come right at 6 pm or a bit earlier because it will be packed by 6:30. They will take new orders up to 9 pm and will stay open until the customers go home which is usually around ten. 

I've tried making my own DIY BBQ stove before. None of them were worth taking a picture of. I wish I had seen this before. I would've made it like this.

Thank you for checking out Secret Pizza with me today. 

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