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Dubai is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world. Daily thousands of people visit Dubai and enjoy the warm welcome of local people. Dubai is a truly global city where you can find every country's national and all these people live with each other without any hesitation. As a global city, Dubai also tries to give every country a representation. In the Global village Dubai, they have developed every country's pavilion where they showcase each country's culture and living. In this global village, they have also allocated a place for Dubai Illuminating World. A new emerging art form in which they display things with Illuminating lights.  

In this Illuminating World, they have allocated different areas for different countries. They have displayed iconic buildings of some countries. In this Dubai Illuminating World, the most prominent building that I saw was the Eiffel Tower, Paris, the Statue of Liberty, America, Opera Australia, and the Pyramids of Egypt. 

Mainly this Illuminating light art's origin is from China. So in this pavilion, many Chinese influence structures are found. In these structures were some of china's influenced buildings, dragons, and some small statues wearing Chinese dresses.

They have also allocated some areas for continent Africa and in this pavilion, they have displayed many animals. In these animals are elephant, zebra, lion, leopard, deer, rhino, giraffe, and even camel. They have also displayed butterflies, fish, and some insects. They have also dedicated some areas for dinosaurs. 

Overall the best place to visit and especially children love this place. People take pictures with these structures. 

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