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RE: EuroVelo 6 - France, Gien to Saint-Ay via Orleans 100 km

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Long time no see and then just bang, another brilliant piece as always :) Spectacular photos, all of them. Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Steem/Hive. This post ended up on Steem because you used the TravelFeed app that still operates on Steem but the team are going to switch to Hive as soon as they can (some members are currently stuck in India with very limited access to the internet). I understand your position but I already made my choice. Hive is my new home and I am really excited about that place. I still show up here sometimes but I am gradually terminating my activities here, espcecially after one of my posts was already censored and removed.

All the best to you and your family in these tough times Dan, I hope you are all doing fine. Btw good to see an actual photo of yours for the first time ;)


Hey my friend thank you far taking the time to leave a comment here. It becomes pretty clear to me that my next post will be on Hive as most of you and all the tools I use are already there. I'm curious to see though how Steemit will evolve from here under the new regime, are they going to build mobile apps, front-end platforms, wallets, etc. I decided to show my face just in case I don't make it out of qurantine, so Discover EuroVelo will be my legacy to the world :) just and my family we are all fine following the new military rules imposed in the country. See you on the other side!

Good to hear you and your family are alright :) Yeah, see you on the other side ;) I can understand your curiosity as to how Steem will evolve but to be honest, I am not expecting anything good here anymore. Rumors have it the "new ruler" wants to freeze the Steem that remain on our accounts and transfer it to some Tron subtokens...I hope this doesn´t happen but I wouldn´t be too surprised if it does.