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Jardim do Passeio Alegre, in Porto, is one of the most beautiful green spaces in this city in northern Portugal. It is in the Foz do Douro area, that is, where the Douro river meets the sea. For that reason it deserves a visit, but it has more reasons to go there for a walk.


The garden was built in the late 19th century by landscape architect Emílio David with varied gardens and the planting of different trees that take on new colors each season. On one side there is the lane of palm trees and, on the other side, portentous trees that give the proper shade on hot summer days. In autumn it is a beauty to watch the leaves fall from the trees, with different shades. Also next door, the electric car passes in front of the stately homes of Foz Velha.


Also noteworthy are the public toilets and the yellow building built in 1910. They are decorated with Art Nouveau tiles, and still retain part of the original English dishes. If a bathroom is worth visiting, this is it!


There are also several architectural elements in this garden: the granite fountain, which came from the old Convento de S.Francisco, the two obelisks, which mark one of the garden entrances, originating from Quinta da Prelada, the romantic chalet that is now a café-bar, built in 1874, a mini golf course, for kids and adults to have fun and a gazebo used in many of the events that take place in this garden.


The public garden thus became a place of choice for families to enjoy landscaped and wooded areas, with shadows to escape the heat, with benches that could promote rest and conversation, socializing or contemplating the river and The different forms of sociability could thus be cultivated in these public gardens, both by the aristocracy and by the bourgeoisie, who found a common place here.


After Jardim do Passeio Alegre, there are beaches, esplanades, bike paths always full of skates, bicycles and people walking.

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