Ryanair and Wizz Air have announced new rules and regulations for flying with them

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Good morning everyone all right so we are ready for another travel update we break down the new regulations and rules for onboard and off-board these three airlines are gearing up and ready to go to open up a lot more routes within mid-june and to the start of July


I will say before we jump in a lot of them are very similar but there are some little differences and I'm going to talk about an update from Ryanair as well about booking and changing your flights or stay announced I think yesterday Ryanair with an easyJet are all recommending and that you check in online get the mobile app and download your boarding pass on your phone this isn't anything groundbreaking

We're just gonna move on it does look from all of these blog that everyone will have to wear masks from cabin crew to the passengers and there will be mandatory on the flights I don't know how they wouldn't be able to discuss disinfecting their aircrafts by an air and with air both show that they are using a spray disinfectant which apparently is effective for 24 hours and they'll be doing that once a day

I have seen some common surfacer online about how they're only going to be cleaning them once a day and I am NOT a scientist I do not know how these disinfectants sprays work and I'm sure that it will probably go back to normal that in between every flight they will just be doing a quick clean down where they're only just showed in their blog that they will just be generally cleaning and disinfecting as usual I don't know if they're also using that 24 hour disinfected spray that reaches all areas of the cabin

I am did a hell of a lot of research I'm so glad you all really enjoyed that I just tried to give you whatever I could find a where travel could be going in the near future and then we kind of discuss the impacts of it long term so definitely check that out I will link it for you one of the things we mentioned was the air filtration systems on an air crash a lot of people have a misconception that it's really dirty air being thrown through the cabin and circulated there is actually quite sterile that gets pumped around most viruses and bacteria will get filtered out

When that does a full circulation of the aircraft now when we read the report especially for Europe they did say we're gonna have to get the trust of the general public in air filtration Orion air and easyJet both mention that in their blog that they have hospital-grade air filtration systems onboard their aircrafts

That you are getting clean air circulated throughout the plane so we're already seeing that in effect there kind of irks me there is a scene where there are two passengers and the middle row is free now what does this give you what indication does this give you if you're thinking of booking a flight we can't social distance on plane even keeping the middle seat free

It's just not keeping you really far enough away however a lot of people would like to see that being brought in but like we discussed in the last blog it's not gonna make it economically viable for most flights to travel with a third reduce capacity but we say show this in their blog so I was like oh any of them using any kind of like blocking out rows keeping middle seats free so I jumped onto each of the websites and booked a ticket and voila all of the middle seats are available feeds booked there is nothing on there that shows that any seats are being kept free