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Hello everyone! This morning before I go to work, I go to the market.
This week at the market there is only food and plants, the other stalls are not there due to the regional ordinance.
There are a lot of people and to be served you have to queue up.


Then since I am in the area I pass by my trusted herbalist's shop, I have the habit of drinking lots of ginger and lemon teas and I often run out of them.
Then they do well in this period as it has now started to get cold.
It was only eight degrees this morning.


After work, quick lunch break at my favorite bar, I always eat something light at noon, I want to keep fit.


This afternoon I want to take a nice walk, there is also a good temperature in the afternoon around 17 degrees does not even feel like winter.
It is relaxing after a busy day of work behind the paperwork to take a stroll, they free your mind.




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Versione Italiana

Ciao a tutti!questa mattina prima di recarmi al lavoro,faccio un salto al mercato.
Questa settimana al mercato si trova solo generi alimentari e piante,gli altri banchi non ci sono a causa dell'ordinanza regionale.
C'è molta gente e per essere serviti bisogna fare molta fila.

Poi dato che sono in zona passo dalla mia erboresteria di fiducia,ho il vizio di bere tante tisane allo zenzero e limone e spesso le finisco.
Poi fanno bene in questo periodo dato che adesso ha cominciato a fare freddo.
Stamattina c'erano solo otto gradi.

Finito il lavoro,pausa pranzo veloce al mio bar preferito,a mezzogiorno mangio sempre qualcosa di leggero,voglio tenermi in forma.


Oggi pomeriggio voglio fare una bella passeggiata,c'è anche una buona temperatura al pomeriggio circa 17 gradi non sembra neanche inverno.
E' propio rilassante dopo una giornata intensa di lavoro dietro le scartoffie fare quattro passi,ti liberano la mente.



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De seguro que un paseo por este lindo lugar debe relajarte, se ve espléndidamente hermoso.

Tu almuerzo se ve muy sabroso, que clase de comida es esa?


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The Steemit Team

Hi :

This account is @actionmirk's second account. I completely muted in the SteemFoods Community 5 days ago after I caught all of @actionmirk's content on SteemFoods Community being stolen. He created this account exactly 5 days ago. We can also tell that he is the same person by looking at the posts he has posted in the SteemFoods Community. The writing style of the stolen contents it shares is the same. Extra traditional Italian recipes are prepared by this person. Both accounts share Italian recipes and all of the ingredients have been stolen. He adds the photos of the recipes shared on Youtube. Both accounts must be blacklisted.

  • After commenting on the post below to let me know that I am completely muted, this person later removed the photos in the post.

For your information... / Best Regards .... @steemcurator01

Hi @alikoc07, it is a strong blaming, as you might know once someone spoils hte reputation of someone that will be difficult to clear it.

I would be grateful if you could put the links to the stolen images website or youtube videos.

Also just wanted to mention that it is not a crime to have two or three accounts to post different content, like we do our own and @art-venture. Or I can see many where the family members like wife and husband are posting, of course they will be living in the same place, making pictures of the same area and when we speak there is also sometimes the same way of expression.

If they are a family members then of course if they will transfer Steem out then it will be one account. Also, nobody made a rule to put in the post if you have your family members on Steem and what is their accounts.

I would first come down and investigate, otherwise this attitude will frighten the people who just joined and probably using a bit of help of their friends of family members.

CC: @steemcurator01, @girolamomarotta , @actionmirk, @jessymouse

Hi @stef1, thanks for your comment.
What you say is right, you know that I hate executioners, but here we unfortunately find ourselves in front of a blatant abuse.

As I described in this post, both users transfer Steem to Bitvavo with the same memo, yet in the comments below actionmirk states:

i dont hit with jessymouse these are slanderous accusations! This steemit is a shame !!! i dont know jessymouse !!

And then jessymouse:

good evening! I don't understand what's happening! I don't know who actionmirk is! If things work like this here, then I switch platforms! this is crap !!!!! I have been associated with him maybe because I'm from the same region ?? ?

There would have been nothing wrong if it had been the profile of his girlfriend or his wife...or even himself who created a second account to dedicate it to a certain type of post. It was enough to make it known.
But creating it after being blacklisted in SteemFoods by showing up with a fake identity, is misbehavior.

As for me, with great regret, I muted the accounts in the Italy Community. @steemcurator01 is aware of this and the other members also agree that it is a right decision, because we give all the necessary support, but we ask for maximum transparency and we do not want these unclean situations.

Thank you for this @alikoc07

@girolamomarotta - would you be able to help on this as @jessymouse / @actionmirk is in Italy?

Thanks for the report @alikoc07 and thanks also to @steemcurator01 for making me know.

I'm sorry but I don't follow the SteemFoods community, so I was not aware of this situation.

The behavior of which these two users are accused is very serious, I want to understand more before taking action.

Let me do some checking and I'll give you an answer as soon as possible.


i dont hit with @jessymouse these are slanderous accusations! This steemit is a shame !!! i dont know @jessymouse !!

good evening! I don't understand what's happening! I don't know who @actionmirk is! If things work like this here, then I switch platforms! this is crap !!!!! I have been associated with him maybe because I'm from the same region ?? ?

why don't you care about who scams steemit users by putting links to steal keys ?? as I had reported long ago? and how i was scammed long ago?

i dont hit with @jessymouse these are slanderous accusations! This steemit is a shame !!! i dont know @jessymouse !!

WOW everything looks so good it made me hungry. And those landscapes, where are they from??? Italy? Very very beautiful.

Italy- Verona