Belltowers of Firenze an original Photo by Matthew Holden Bates

in Italy9 months ago (edited)


"Belltowers of Firenze"

an original Photo by ©2021, Matthew Holden Bates

Photo taken with a Sony 20mp Cyber-shot compact digital camera in 2020.

Ciao Tutti! I am really happy to be here, a little bit about myself, I am an Irish-American expat who has lived in Firenze, Italia since 1992. This photo I took because I am always looking to capture my adopted city in a new light. I am an artist who mostly paints in oils. My style is realism so it is very possible that this photo will become an original oil painting sometime this year. If you would like to see my paintings you can follow me here on Steemit @matteopaints . I also have a website: where you can see my portfolio.

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments! All the Best, Matthew Holden Bates (Matteo)


Hi, I just stumbled across your blog. I can see that you are doing well here on Steem. You should try our Upvote service, we have just opened up for registration. Take a look at our lates post. We need more members. 😉

Thanks for the invite, I'll check it out!

What a gorgeous view :) Looking forward to discovering your art, Matteo!

Thanks!! Let me know what you think :)

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