Italians around the world... My friend Alessandro Ferro received me in Montevideo - Uruguay, after the adventure of emigrating again ... 3/5

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"Orlando, my children have grown up, I had to give them a better future, I had to start again, only God knows what our true destiny will be ..." Alessandro Ferro

Confessions of Alessandro Ferro taking advantage of my stay at his home in Montevideo. Alessandro was born in the dynamic city of Bologna in the Emilia Romagna region.
He arrived in Venezuela in the mid-70s. His life was spent in a middle-class home, and fortunately we are childhood friends ... He had to leave Venezuela seven years ago looking for a better future.
The stories repeat themselves.

Sunset at Playa Honda, with Tomasso and Leandro and their dog Vandido


© Om

"Sapri, your memories are still alive in me ... " OM

The portrait as a source of light.
Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
Optical, Canon 35 mm 1: 1.4
Speed ​​1/125. F / 8.0 aperture.
ISO 100.
An Elinchrom 400v torch. + Elinchron Rotalux light box,

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