Italians around the world... Tonino Monteleone, a chef and theater actor who went to Patagonia-Argentina looking for the love of his life... 4/5

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"I came to Patagonia, without knowing what it was about ... I just wanted to get there and meet Lucia again, the woman who managed to get me to go around the world with my cookbook Delizia! (The story epic of Italian food), here I live happily between my theater classes my little Café ".
Cousin, will you go back to Italy? "Of course, it is my beloved land" (Tonino)

My cousin Tonino, we always saw him as the madman of the family. Born in Rome, but deep down he is a citizen of the world, after turning the earth for more than ten years, he decided to settle in the city of Ushuaia in the Patagonia of Argentina.
I took this photographic shot in the Bahía Encerrada Urban Nature Reserve, a spectacular site in Ushuaia, we took advantage of the light of a cold afternoon for Tonino to show himself as a true conqueror of the land of the end of the world


© Om

"Sapri, your memories are still alive in me ... " OM

The portrait as a source of light.
Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
Optical, Canon 35 mm 1: 1.4
Speed ​​1/125. F / 8.0 aperture.
ISO 100.
An Elinchrom 400v torch. + Elinchron Rotalux light box,

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