Italians around the world. Mario Talomonti and his wife Teresa, owners of Bravissimo ice cream shop in Caracas. 1/5

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Confessions of Mario Talomonti and his wife Teresa, born in the town of Maratea in southern Italy in the province of Potenza.
"Our arrival in Venezuela was around the year 50, they were very hard times, fortunately, I met my beautiful Teresa, and from there we have never separated."

"The beauty and flavor of this country that has given me a beautiful accommodation ... Here I raised my family, started my business, and I learned that the love I have for Venezuela is as great as the love of my beloved Italy."


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"Sapri, your memories are still alive in me ... " OM

The portrait as a source of light.
Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
Optical, Canon 35 mm 1: 1.4
Speed ​​1/60. F / 11 aperture.
ISO 100.
An Elinchrom 400v torch. + Elinchron Rotalux light box,

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