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RE: Dear Italy...Greetings from Sri Lanka! - Cara Italia...Saluti dallo Sri Lanka! [ENG-ITA]

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Interesting project - hopefully more of the Country Reps will get involved.

Sparked a little idea...

As it is difficult for people to travel to visit new countries now because of Covid-19, would there be potential to develop from this some sort of 'Virtual Travel Agent' type game.

People who would like to visit a country for a (virtual) holiday write a post describing what their holiday should include (beaches, mountains, activities), how long they want to visit for, and what their budget is.

Then people living in that country 'pitch' their holiday plan for the enquirer - research places to visit, activities, places to eat and stay, costs etc - both from their own local knowledge of their country and from web information.

Then the original enquirer choses their favorite 'virtual holiday package' for the winner.

Just an idea, maybe too complicated, but could be fun...


This is a great idea. Italy and Sri Lanka are great collaboration for the travel-related posts as I see they have many beautiful places for tourism. Other steemian from other countries may pitch their country too. Good start for us steemian who planning to travel to any particular country once covid19 restriction being lifted up. We got steemian who actually living in that place and be the virtual travel agent for us 🤩 this is good and brings value to the community!

Your proposal is really very interesting and I absolutely think I will take it into consideration!!

The second phase of Dear Italy was deliberately structured to put the guest communities at the center of everything, to give them space and support, to make something known about their Country.

The Sri Lankan community was the only one who had already fully understood the spirit of the project in the first phase and which captured it even more in this second version, since they have published dozens of beautiful posts about their country.

I hoped later to make this format continuous, to be able to host other nations and give them the unconditional support we are offering, but unfortunately, this time too, none of the Country Reps answered the call.

For this reason, in spite of myself, I was already oriented to abandon the initiative, as there were no conditions to continue.

Could this new look be interesting for users who have not responded so far?
Maybe yes, we can try.

Probably, if once defined, you can mention the initiative on one of your @steemitblog posts, we will be able to obtain greater visibility and interest.

In the meantime,

a really big thank you for the idea and for your support!!


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