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Hello healthy Steemians in this community.
This is my first time to post my simple but healthy lifestyle.
A calamansi fruit. This kind of citrus fruits also found in our country. A small green shape or a yellowish color.
This kind of citrus fruits has packed with vitamin C. It is also bleaches our skin when it comes to calamansi juice. Eventhough, it has high level of citric acid, mosty people like and love this kind of citrus. It is also good for immune booster. People who wants to lose weight, this citrus fruit really help.
So, for me, as far as Im concerned, lets love our body and try this kind of citrus fruit.
Thank you for reading my simple blog in this community.
I hope you like it!
Sincerely Yours,

#health #healthrepublic #steemit #steem


Thanks for Sharing

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