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Hi friends. I hope you all are well. Today is my first post in "Health Republic" on exercise for heart patients. Today everyone knows that every 3 person in world is heart patient.
There are many reasons for this deases. We eat breakfast lunch and dinner with spicy food and fast food. In every enjoyment we want fast food to enjoy that moment. For example, after a long time you met with your friends you went to any restaurant and order fast food. Today everyone addict of fast food.
This food is not good for our health specially for heart. Because of these food every 3 person is now heart patient even though in now a days children are enter in this ratio.
Get up early in the morning and walk around a half hour. Walk is best exercise for heart patients.
Cycling every day.
Swimming everyday if can.
Tennis ball:
Play tennis ball every day because in this game your whole body is in working and this game make you active.
This some simple exercise make you healthy and happy.
I hope you enjoy this informative post. I'm new here so please tell me about rule about your community and steemit. Show your support. Thanks!


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