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I've taken up the 10K step challenge for 2021. So far I have averaged over 11,700 steps every day. I am happy to announce that I crossed the million step mark today.

I performed the same challenge for the diary game during 2020. Unfortunately, I wore out my shoes and didn't have the funds to buy new shoes. The shoes had soft soles and barely lasted 3 million steps.

I borrowed some money at the end of 2020 and bought a pair of XeroShoes. Xeroshoes is a Boulder based company that designs minimalist shoes for barefoot running. They claim their shoes can are good for 5,000 miles.

Various web sites claim that there are 2,000 to 2,500 steps in a mile. So, a 5000 mile shoes should last 12,500,000 steps.

I've been reporting the steps on SteemIt and HIVE. I write a report on Monday with the totals of the previous seven days. Here are the last several weeks:

Week EndingStepsVotesEarnings
YTD Total937,51870$1.07

The table says that I had 937,518 steps as of Sunday. I've added 70,000 steps so far this week. Here is a photo of the soles of my shoes.


The shoes cost $90.00. I made $1.07 in STEEM and HIVE. Half of that goes to curators. And, lets face it. Part of the 70 votes came from self-votes and DustSweeper. Anyway, I have $0.50 to put the the $90 I borrowed to buy the shoes.

But I have another trick up my sleeve. While the shoes are holding up, my goal of getting free shoes by blogging isn't. If you click on the shoe image, you will go to ProtoPhoto.com . Clicking the image a second time will bring people to Xeroshoes.com via an affiliate. I might be able to pay for the shoes with an affiliate link. (probably not)

I will add my official update for the week on Monday. I just wanted to celebrate my first million steps.