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I guess I have to explain what happened and I realize that forgiveness is not in order.

So, my goal is to walk 10k a day. The problem is that I often forget to put my fitness tracker in my pocket.

So as I was taking a morning stroll on the 5th, I reached into my pocket and found my tracker was not there. It was at my desk doing nothing.

I ran back to the house and got the tracker. Even though I did a second morning stroll, I realized that I would be right at the hit cut off for the day.

I probably should mention that my tracker's battery went dead last year. I installed a new battery right after dinner but forgot to adjust the time on the tracker. That means the tracker resets during dinner time.

I knew I had failed to reach 10K when I was cooking dinner and I thought I would do another brisk walk after dinner. Unfortunately, the dinner took longer than I anticipated and the tracker flipped to the next day with the day's goal unrealized.

I did an after dinner walk ... but the walk was officially on 1/6 and not 1/5.

My tracker used to flip over at midnight. This was convenient. If I was short of the goal, I could simply take a midnight stroll.

This was really convenient, however I discovered that a neighbor thought I was a prowler slinking around at midnight in search of steps.

Dinner is a terrible time for the tracker to reset. It might be fun to have the tracker flip over at noon or perhaps 3:00. If it flipped at 3:00, I could take a 20k step walk on Monday (with half of the steps after the reset). I could then veg out on Tuesday.

As for this post. I must lament that I failed to achieve my goal before the first month was through. I missed it by 98 steps.

I did have those steps if you included the pedometerless trek. I would have got those 98 steps if I was paying attention to the time.

But those are two lame excuses and SteemIt is not a place for the lame.

Alas. Woe is me. Yeah Verily and It did not come to pass.