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Hello friends, today I want to show you this drawing process that I did, again drawing one of my favorite original characters, Yui, accompanied with a video of the drawing process.

In this illustration I used two drawing software, the first, for lineart, Medibang Paint and the second, for painting, Clip Studio Paint.


yui sketch.png



Art by: @aboart


Thank you very much for watching, I hope you liked it.

 6 months ago 

You've got a free upvote from witness fuli.
Peace & Love!

thank you very much

 6 months ago 

It is interesting to watch the drawing process, it turned out very well)

thank you a lot, i hope uppload more videos

 6 months ago 

It's a good idea :)

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thank you :D

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thank you very much :D

Expresas muy bien tu creatividad, te quedo bien

muchas gracias :D

wow que bonito tu anime, felicitaciones!!

gracias <3