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With passion in supporting the power of voice, together, for the achievement of the votes that will be generated in blog posts, such as:

  • Steemians Special Recruit
  • Steemians are generally active

then, it is deemed necessary, to create a curation account @aceh-team, so that voting is carried out.

through the World Of Xpilar Community, then, this account will run to vote manually.

A big thank you to @steem.supporter, for activating this incredible voice automation tool. "AUTO.STEEMDB.ONLINE application" To join trail @aceh-team.

Next, I show you the steps to follow to follow, below.

https://auto.steemdb.online, there you will see an option, click Login / Register:












as you have seen above, that is the order, to join the trail @aceh-team curation account.

This account was created thanks to the support of friends @xpilar, which is no secret, has made many Steemians grow and thrive, in the steem community, and @xpilar, people who are very active in giving voice and support, to the aceh Steemians.

For implementation, we will do it in stages, to provide support, to all Aceh Steemians in particular and Indonesian Steemians in general.

For other information, you can ask directly, the manager of this account is @sultan-aceh. through comments, or other comments in the comments below.

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Great, hope many show their support for the project :)

yes @xpilar
hopefully it will happen together in the future

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Thank you so much @worldofxpilar

Another excellent initiative of the World of Xpilar community for the benefit of the community, with the firm task of extending support to those who show their high quality of content.

Successes friend @sultan-aceh

@adeljose :-)
hopefully it will happen together in the future

Ini adalah sesuatu yg sangat bagus untuk ikut berpartisipasi. Selain memperkuat dan membantu steemian aceh, ini juga akan sanngat bermanfaat untuk di dukung oleh seluruh steemian Aceh khususnya dan juga luar Aceh untuk ikut voting trail ini.

Trimkasih atas usaha dan kerja kerasnya bang @sultan-aceh.

Saya sangat senang jika bisa berpartisipasi

cc; @anroja, @curiesea, @nazarul, @radjasalman, @ernaerningsih, @hhusaini, @muzack1

Perhaps @steemcurator01 will also give some support where possible, and I am so sorry if my mention is not appropriate at all.

With my best regards

Hopefully it will lead to success

Dengan lahirnya @aceh-team, sebuah hal yang sangat baik terutama untuk menyatukan para steemian yang berasal dari aceh. Terimakasih atas semangat yang anda dengan mewujudkan sebuah impian yang ditunggu oleh para steemians.

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Saya melihat ini sangat menarik, dan tentu saya sangat ingin berpartisipasi untuk proyek ini, semoga ini berjalan sesuai dengan rencana.

Salam sukses by @green07

I am very happy with this project and God willing, I will definitely give my full support.