Consolidated votes, "Steemit Awards 2020".

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Greetings friend @steemitblog.

Below, I present consolidated votes generated by users who participated in the election of the Steemit Awards 2020*, for your due review and analysis.

This information was collected by means of the application Steemd.

The following is a summary of the voting results for the different categories:

Starting with the "Best Author" category, we can see that @josevas217 came in first place with 111 votes.


Next is the "Best Contributor" category, where we can see the order of preference for those who participated in the "Steemit Awards 2020" and the winner is our friend @cryptokannon with 131 votes.


To close the voting summary, we present the category "Best Community" where you can see that the first place goes to the community "World Of Xpilar " with 196 votes.


Below, I present the link where you can see the list of each of the participants with their nominations for the "Steemit 2020 Awards", it should be noted that some duplicate votes have been cleaned, as well as votes generated after the regulatory date, which was until January 17 at 10:00 UTC.

Consolidated votes, "Steemit Awards 2020"

This information was collected to support the Steemit team in covering all the votes generated during the statutory time, to choose the winners of the "Steemit Awards 2020", idea promoted by friend @girolamomarotta.

I hope it will be of interest and help to clarify the results previously shown by the Steemit team.


Without further reference, I bid you farewell.

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 3 months ago 

Hi @adeljose, thank you for this post and for taking time for working out the % of votes for every single nomination field.

I can remember in the past @curie was running the challenge for best commentator for their curated posts and every week presented the winners. What I really liked in @curie's announcement post, they always put statistic and it always matched the number of comments. I can't remember anyone who disagree, because it was fair.

But unfortunately, it makes me upset to see that. On other hand that reminds me recent US election, with Trump when he also wanted to trick the votes, but was not successful.

I totally agree with you @stef1. In the past, @curie's were always transparent in giving posts. But now the facts are always reversed

Thank you @adeljose

It is good to shed light on this so that those who have voted understand what is happening

That's right my friend @xpilar.

We are certain that our efforts are being valued by the majority.

We will continue to move forward.

Great piece of work @adeljose

Hopefully @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 will add little bit more transparency, so people who participated in this contest would have a clearer picture on ways that their votes has been calculated.

There surely is plenty of confusion right now, as to why @joseas217 who has been most popular was excluded from list of winners. Why "world of xpilar" community has been excluded as well.

After all, both received the largest support (votes and nominations).

Our question is: does our votes (as regular users) even matter? Or really not?

 3 months ago 

You know the answer, lol :)

beautiful post and very nice pie charts! @girolamomarotta and @lyra-b Italy is 4%, We must commit to reaching 8% for next year.

Hi @adeljose

Announcement of "Steemit Awards 2020" Contest.
I am very disappointed @sultan-aceh

this is great thing about Blockchain Steem, via steemd all can be answered correctly, of the results of your calculation

Proud ... World Of Xpilar Community with #steemexclusive which I continue to fight for with the World Of @Xpilar Community and the Acehnese Society.

Regards to :
Steemit users, the Acehnese people and the World Of Xpilar Community, as well as the chosen people, are still the best for me.


Thank you for this good information friends, success is always for you friends @adeljose

Thank you very much, this is very valuable information for us...@adeljose

great information @adeljose
I am very disappointed for you because your not transparent

Why is the World Of Xpilar community being ignored.
Even though he got a big voice.

Hi @adeljose

Announcement of "Steemit Awards 2020" Contest.
I am very disappointed.

 3 months ago (edited)

Hola amigo, excelente publicación, es más que evidente que no hubo transparencia en los ganadores demostrados anteriormente. Estos son los ganadores reales y sino que muestren las pruebas donde se evidencie lo contrario. Saludos!!

thank you very much, good luck always @adeljose

It's good that you take your time and count the votes, the organizers should give an explanation

Hi @adeljose
Interesting post.
I didn't think it had gotten so many postulations, but good to know.
I definitely need to learn how to handle these tools, because it brings a lot of things to light.
This is the great detail of the Blockchain, it leaves everything out in the open and this post, even if you give it a big negative vote, you will not be able to erase it from the steem Blockchain.
This reminds me a bit of what happens with the Electoral system in Venezuela, that people make votes, but in the end they elect who they fucking want... of course, I'm only talking about the electoral system in Venezuela.

By the way, congratulations to the winners!

Hola @adeljose
Interesante publicación.
No pensé que había obtenido tantas postulaciones, pero es bueno saberlo.
Definitivamente debo aprender a manejar estas herramientas, porque deja en evidencia muchas cosas.
Este es el gran detalle de la Blockchain, que deja todo al descubierto y este post, así le den un gran voto negativo, no podrán borrarlo de al Blockchain de steem.
Esto me recuerda un poco lo que ocurre con el sistema Electoral en Venezuela, que la gente hace votaciones, pero al final se elige a quien ellos les da la puta gana... claro, sólo hablo del sistema electoral de Venezuela.

Por cierto, felicidades a los ganadores.

To be honest, I couldn't believe @steemitblog's decision in choosing the best category. I increasingly don't think the data you're describing is far from reality. With the title "best community" does not fall on what it should be. To be honest I was really sad when it made a supporting vote but it didn't count.

thank you @adeljose for showing us the truth

Best regards @grisaia-steem


Excellent post. dear @adeljose!

I'd like to read @steemitblog's answer.
@josevas217 and Xpilar are the winners.

So, Why are the results posted by @steemitblog so different ???

Everything is there @juanmolina :)

You beat!

Thank you very much for the recap, it was very useful for all of us

Regards @digitals-photo


contento con los resultados felicidades a la comunidad #worldofxpilar por ganar y para el amigo @josevas217

Saludos amigo @betzaelcorvo

Estos no fueron a los que nombraron ganadores. lamentablemente

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Hi, sir @adeljose.

With the real data that you summarize, it is very useful for us as regular users, and can open everyone's eyes, and it is clear that there is a mistake that has occurred in the circle of that Prestigious Event. I am very disappointed with what happened to them.

Hopefully the @steemitblog team can properly answer what's going on. Regards!

By @new-spirit.

Thank you for making a good announcement. You are not just claiming nonsense, but complete with good and reliable statistics. I hope steemian can know about this, that all communities in Steemit have the same position. Including about obtaining victory with the truth.

wow dear @adeljose you have done it nicely.

 3 months ago (edited)

thank you very much @adeljose for sharing useful posts for us, good luck always @adeljose upvote and resteemed

Hola amigo @adeljose.

Solo resto decir excelente publicación y maravilloso trabajo!!!

Hello @adeljose, bien sabemos que todo queda registrado en el blockchain.

Hola @adeljose un gran trabajo que realizastes felicitaciones de verdad que se ve el esmero con que realizastes el trabajo un post extraordinario.

Saludos amiga @rosanita.

Gracias por su visita y comentario, siempre hago lo mejor posible para mostrar calidad en mis contenidos, y más cuando son de carácter educativos e informativos.

Thank you very much @adeljose
spent a lot of your time counting all the votes,
and has provided very useful information for us newcomers to Steemit.

to be honest we are very disappointed with the winning result announced by @steemitblog.

I think the votes and opinions we give as new players and casual users like us go unnoticed.

Regards @digitals-photo

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