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ARE YOU HAPPY ?? This Is The Main Question In Our Life.... When someone asks us " how are you ?" we reply " I am fine" or " I am happy" ... Bt do we really mean it??
Hello everyone,
I hope you all would like it , I just expressed my thoughts on this topic.

"Hey how are you?..I am fine" that's how we hide the
most and just smile as we pass by each other. We hide
our pain, our sorrows and things that should be shared.
Life asks you millions of question and these questions
hide a really important message within. We simply ask how are you to someone and like are flex action we
immediately answer we are fine without even thinking
about it once. Are we really fine?Ask it to yourself.
Among this variant collection of question that life asks us
there is one under rated question, "Are you happy?". A
question which people can't really just randomly answer
that yes we are happy because we are not aware of real
happiness yet. We simply connect it to few temporary
things or feelings. Life is full of problems and we get
ourselves involved in these problems a lot that we even
forget to genuinely smile and meet the real us .This
question can be answered only by two types of people.
Firstly those who haven't entered the race course of world
that is kids below 8 and those who already have
completed the race of struggle that is older people above the age of 65years. Those who comes between are in the
race of struggle .They face different levels of difficulty during this period which actually is important to make us
mature and sensible .These difficulties sometimes seem
to be really hard and impossible to cope with but there is
no permanent thing in life only one thing is permanent that
everything changes. If you are facing really hard time it
means soon you'll reap the fruit of your hardwork and
sorrows. All you need to do is just wait for it to pass and
survive your situation with confidence and positive
attitude. Face your fears and your fears will never scare
you again. In the age group between 8-65 we actually fight
a lot many things. We go through heartbreaks, failure,
pressure and many other things. We try to find happiness
by setting targets that if we do this we will be 40% happy,
if we achieve that we will be 60% happy because we are
either living in the past regrets or the future planning. We
never observe present things. It seems like a problem to
many but we need to survive these. It's a part of lifea nd
only you can overcome it by yourself. No one can run the
race for you .This group is highly competitive with
different competition seven few with one's ownself. We need to sit with ourselves have a good talk with ourselves
and motivate as well. But quiting is never an option no
matter how hard your race is, you can never win if you
don't try. Life is full of chances then why don't we give life
more chance to get a little better instead of quitting it. Life is really precious everything is temporary so why to lower
our life's value by leaving it for some temporary problem.
No problem can remain unsolved. Just trust yourself and
try to live in the moment. The more you stay in present the
more you will feel calm and relaxed. Your key to happiness
is with you only not with someone else. Then why don't
you use it. There is nothing that we can't help ourselves with. Live your life to the fullest enjoy every second when
you breathe just don't quit be fore trying.
Next time when someone asks you how are you just don't
say I am fine if you really aren't. Ask yourself questions daily. Try to find reasons for your issues and their origin.
Solution hides in the shadow of problem. Try to reach out
that solution. So that once you grow old you can also
answer the question with full confidence that" Yes I am happy ".