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RE: WINNERS of @Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “Freesteyle Portrait”

in WORLD OF XPILAR8 months ago

I'm excited. I think it's hard for others to imagine how much. I found the words of @art-venture absolutely beautiful, and I think they capture a secret longing. I like to illustrate, that's why my drawings always have a story behind them and I think these stories are what fill my drawings.
Thank you very much for reading my post so kindly and thank you very much for stimulating so many to create art. The example of quality and enthusiasm is clear in the classifieds and in the participation in general.
Many congratulations to @sweettais, @essendi, @oscurocactus, @abiga554, @mayorfaruk, @ezunjoshy.

Gracias por todo.


Thanks you so much, i cant believe i am among the winner out of the pool, am so excited

You are welcome, I hope that will be an inspiration for future works :)

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