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Hello everybody!

Today I want to show you some portraits again, for which a step-by-step version was not made in a timely manner.
All the portraits were made with a simple pencil in A-3 format.

15 марта (2).jpg



после 8 марта.jpg

Hope you enjoyed my post.
Until next time, Friends!


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 2 months ago 

Thank you sincerely!

Hi Alex, as you are withdrawing Steem, I was not able to nominate you for booming support. Maybe you will now start Powering Up?

 2 months ago 

Да, первый раз за всё время удалось хоть что-то обналичить))) К сожаления, я мало что здесь понимаю, подскажите пожалуйста что такое - Powering Up?

Amazing portraitures,great work 👏

 2 months ago 

I am sincerely grateful to you!

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 2 months ago 

Thank you sincerely!

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