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I am not a big sports fan (it makes me too angry) but this weekend, football, rugby and cricket clubs, players and fans are boycotting social media with the desire that Facebook et. al. will take more significant steps against abuse on their platforms. It is apparent that after every big sports match or TV show, the most disgusting scum bags in society, miserable and unhappy in their own lives, take to these platforms in an effort to make others feel as shit as they are themselves. There are things that make me angry. Many things. But this makes me...

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The blackout began on Friday at 3pm and will continue until midnight tonight. The BBC is not taking part due to "special duties that don't apply to other organisations under our Royal Charter and editorial guidelines that prevent us from joining lobbying campaigns" ( which I find disappointing but they did share a video from footballers Ian Wright and Alan Shearer which you can view here - The full video from youtube is at the end of this post and if the BBC is blocked in your country, an alternative source may be available here...

This is a small example of a big problem and really shows what effect this is having on people. I cannot begin to imagine how Ian Wright feels when he reads a message like this. Every day. It makes me feel more like this

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I have observed that a lot of people on Steemit do not have English as their first language so I have transcripted the short video here for you to translate into another language. I am interested in knowing how this makes you feel

IW: Let me show you, Al, what happened to me this morning.
AS: This morning?
IW: This morning... It's a daily thing.
IW: This is today, that came today.
IW: Now people say, why don't you report this?
IW: And why don't you report that?
IW: I had to report the last one, Al,
IW: simply because it was horrific.
IW: This one isn't too dissimilar.
AS: And that, this is a daily thing?
IW: This is - Al, you can...
AS: I, I wouldn't even read that out.
IW: Let me read it out, Al.
IW: Right, I don't know who the person is,
IW: but it says,
IW: "Yo, you black * you were never this good
IW: Why are you an icon you black *
IW: Figure * I'm a pull the *
IW: Like how all black people get *
IW: They don't matter
IW: BLDM: Black Lives Don't Matter"
IW: Now, the thing with that, Al, is like I say, it's,
IW: it's a regular occurrence simply because there is
IW: no consequences to some of these people's actions.
IW: They go to court,
IW: and like I said, there's this guy in Ireland,
IW: this judge let him off because it was a first offence.
IW: He comes from a decent family.
IW: I was getting teased by people saying,
IW: "Oh, serves you right,
IW: you want to try to put a kid away.
IW: You know, see what happened, nothing happened".
IW: And again, with this, what am I going to do?
AS: Have you reported that?
IW: No.
AS: Why?
IW: I'd like to say, what's the point?
IW: I'm going to try and chase this guy down
IW: Then what, it's going to go through the courts.
IW: Until the powers that be, do something to stop that,
IW: this guy, there's no consequence for him.
IW: He's going about his business now.
IW: We're talking about him,
IW: and he doesn't even know he's done that.
IW: Probably get another one tomorrow, or next week,
IW: simply because I've not responded, but what do you do?
IW: What do you do?
AS: So the outcome of the court case
AS: what would have been the ideal scenario for you?
IW: Al, like I say, I don't want to, I'm not saying I want to...
AS: No, I know you don't want him to go to prison.
IW: Some community service, some, some education on racism,
IW: you know what I mean?
IW: That's what you want.
IW: And people say, "you know, education,
IW: people should know better,
IW: their parents should know better."
IW: And they don't.
IW: And they don't know better, but that's all you want,
IW: so as then, this guy who's done this today,
IW: why should he not do that, in his mind?
IW: Because he's feeling there's no consequences.
IW: When you see that,
IW: you've seen what that guy said to me.
IW: What'd you think of that? You see that?
AS: I mean, I see social media,
AS: it's happening more and more on social media.
AS: I mean, no way ever,
AS: would anyone ever come up to you in the street and say that.
AS: I mean that, that language, is, I mean, it's disgusting.
IW: The thing about it is, Al, it makes you feel,
IW: it makes you feel very dehumanised.
IW: You feel like nothing. There's nothing you can do.
IW: You're helpless.

Here is the link to the full video from youtube...

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That's a powerful video. I'd like to think that this campaign will change the mindset within these large platforms but I fully expect that many of these people and companies boycotting social media this weekend will be launching their own advertising campaigns tomorrow morning in the exact same place.

Downvoted because you are using a facsimile of my original account name. You know the @angryman name was already being used here, if you tried to signup with it. Seems an attempt to impersonate me.

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That's not helpful.

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@angryman - I'm not sure if you're aware of what you have done here so I intend to be very clear to you.

You have downvoted a post regarding online abuse. Abuse on Social Media no less, a topic that I consider to be of the upmost importance.

Upon further review of your activity and reading @angry-man's post in response, your behaviour is no different to the bullying, abusive behaviour that the campaign mentioned above is seeking to address. All because somebody has created a username similar to yours with absolutely no other resemblance. I also see that I am not the first person to have pointed this out to you.

I would like for you review your actions over the last 24 hours, with particular attention to this post and the message within it with a view to apologising for your atrocious behaviour.


I would like for you review your actions over the last 24 hours, with particular attention to this post and the message within it with a view to apologising for your atrocious behaviour.

Okay, @the-gorrilla aka (angry-man)... I'll give some thought to it :>) Have a most wonderful day.

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I might be @angry-man, I might be the close friend of @angry-man (who created the account for him), I might not know @angry-man at all. I'm sure there are other possibilities but I'm too tired to think of them.

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