Acts of Kindness...

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Simple acts of kindness can reap great rewards, I've heard it said... and those "great rewards" may be the filling of our heart with joy, along with smiles in the present and stored for future memories.

Here are a couple of pictures I wanted to share, of my two stray cat friends Greystone and Speedy who have become regular visitors to my home; that might help you to smile as well.

Greystone came through my pet-door last night to escape the snow storm which ultimately left about a foot covering of the stuff. That's him on top of the radiator- warming up😎 I put a sheet of metal across the top and folded fabric to cushion the little guy.


Below... You can see Speedy who claimed a different spot to curl up. That has become his favorite resting place, so I put a pillow down for added comfort.

Speedy's cubby-hole is under a table against the wall with a small portable refrigerator being stored. I guess he feels well protected there; another critter would have a harder time sneaking up on him, if they tried.

He and Greystone aren't really friends... they just seem to tolerate each other most of the time. It's probably that Alpha Male thing going on with the two of them. Occasionally, they'll fight!

Last, but not least... here's a photo of my little Misty-Girl. I recued her about eleven years ago as a kitten, alone in an alley. (SHE was the kitten...not, me)

For some strange reason, she likes to lay on hard surfaces, like the floor, atop a desk or window sill...??? She'll even sleep mostly upon hard surfaces.

She was very sick recently and I'm sure, pretty close to death with tremendous weight loss from refusing food. She recovered though and is back to health...

Who knows what would have happened to the poor creatures, if they hadn't found warm shelter on snowy, cold days like today? I'm just happy being of some help to make their lives a bit easier.


Be Kind to Stray Cats

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on - March 13, 2021

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