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RE: 'WARNING' New Account (angry-man) is NOT Me - @AngryMan... !!!

in WORLD OF XPILARlast month (edited)

Hey FAKE... I don't give a damn that you "don't care about" me "in the slightest" :>)
It's NOT an "ego trip" dick-head. Just protecting my space here on this blockchain and trying to protect others from confusing the REAL @angryman from the fake one - YOU...!!!

You might try using an original user name to post under? That would be the right thing to do. Huh? I would even up-vote you under other circumstances... you're a fairly good writer, it seems.


Greetings friends @angryman and @angry-man.

I think they should treat each other with more respect, I think it is just a coincidence that they look alike in the username, they just have to comply with generating original content, let's see how it turns out, maybe no one is mistaken who is the old @angryman and the new @angry-man.

Let's move on.