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At times, it's better to just start writing a blog post and just go with the flow of thoughts; I do that a lot, for better or worse.

What I mean by, "for better or worse" is the amount of eyes your random ramblings may fall upon and how well received or not your words may have upon the general community; evidenced by up-votes and perhaps... comments received.


There are so many factors that come into play here on Steemit or whatever other frontend, backend, sidechain and whatever else these off-shoots are rightfully called...?

I don't think it matters much though. Few of my friends here, are going to be insulted by my ignorance in that respect. If they ARE... they must be unusually kind, because they rarely curse me out, down-vote, mute me or worse yet... BLACKLIST my poor soul...!!!

I'm commonly just ignored for awhile😏 That's okay though... I don't mind it much, I loose interest in some people here all the time😮 and read them less for awhile. (It's "normal")

What's also normal, is for some people to just keep scanning the variety of Feeds and pop an up-vote of predetermined size, whether reading the post or not; just because the person is in their circle of "friends".

At other times, we may cast a small fraction of our vote value to some members simply because we are happy to see them still plugging along. 'I' do that too often enough. These are people who I don't particularly find very interesting on a regular basis, yet LIKE them for some reason😎


Sometimes I lay down a vote for members who have been gone for awhile and return suddenly with a rare appearance. It's a way to show that you've missed them, hope all is well with them as a show of 're-welcoming' of sorts.

These are usually folk who are still on my 'Follow' list... ahem... Okay, okay... scorn me if you wish, but I ADMIT to cleaning up my follow listing once-in-awhile. I do this mostly because I slap that 'Friends Feed' button a lot, to see what's up. It's easier to scroll through a less cluttered list, than one which stretches to eternity with multiple 're-blogs' from SOME people...!!!

I'm not a fan of members who, for whatever reason like to "pass along" an enormous amount of other peoples stuff. I might even like what they write (when they write) but to have like a MILLION re-bloggers fouling up my Feeds and making it harder to find my friends...?!?!?!? SORRY... 'click'... You're out of here bruddas and sistas.

Does THAT sound MEAN? I hope not. I'm being honest though, for whatever THAT might induce as a result.

If you ever see me starting to trash your FEEDS with numerous referrals, I certainly would understand if you screamed at me to STOP...!!! or simply just vanished me from your 'Friends List'😲

Is this stupid post getting too long??? Maybe I'd better quit while I'm ahead or do less damage to myself at the hands of the enemy.

Yeah... I think it's longggggggggg enough. I'll go now and give it a rest.

Listen... Bend your ear close...

Have a happy day, my friends. You deserve it😎

"Wear a BIG smile wherever you go. Mean people will think you're crazy and certainly avoid you... - Cornfucius


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March 16, 2021

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