Slow, Snowy Days... In the City

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 months ago

It's nice once in awhile to watch the world around us slow down a bit, for whatever reason, especially if we are living within a busy City.

Here, we had a rather significant snow fall about a week ago which brought just about everything to a crawl. Eventually, the traffic vanished from the busy streets and the sidewalks turned bare of pedestrians, as the white stuff grew silently higher and higher.

I enjoyed watching the quite from the window... near the warm radiator, as big fluffs of snowflakes glided, silently and softly to rest upon everything within sight.

Since, we have had a couple more short lived flurries to lightly blanket the areas people spent a lot of time and effort to clear, but to their good fortune, it was not enough to need bother with. I'm sure their aching shoulders and backs were breathing sighs of relief.

The snow that fell, over a week ago, still remains covering everything except for the plowed streets, shoveled sidewalks and vehicles of which their owners took brooms to. It has been below the freezing point on the thermometer every day, so the snow covered landscape may look quite different, but it's still all there.

I'm still here too...

Enjoy your life, my friends... it might be the only one you've got...???


@AngryMan on Steemit - Feb. 12, 2021