Today is Thursday... Tomorrow Won't Be...(Huh..?!?!?!?!?!)

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If that title above seems a little confusing... GOOD!!! It's meant to be and PROVES you're a lot smarter than some people may have speculated.

S-M-A-R-T is one of those stupid words many of us use waaaaaaayyyyyy too loosely. It lends itself to being highly subjective in nature, but I suspect that wasn't the original intent by the smart person who invented the word.

But... what the hell do I know...??? I wasn't there when the word was created, nor do I know the individual who created that particular word. Maybe I know one of their heirs, but if I do, they never divulged that particular lineage to me. Perhaps they aren't even aware of it- themselves?

How sad...

Here's one example of the word having rattled my tender, innocent oratory ossicles; it was quite un-nerving.

A friend of mine approached one day to inform me that the manager of a restaurant across the street from our business' had "Quit" the job in order to open his own eatery.

She further went on to tell me how, "Smart" he is for coming up with an idea to open a restaurant that, "Just sells soup"...

Immediately, my mushy databank spit out the fact that a similar establishment already existed within close proximity of where we stood in Manhattan, New York City. It was also a very famous soup dispensary, mimicked on a regular basis by an even more famous television Sitcom.

Obviously, my friend had never seen 'Seinfeld' or an episode featuring the 'Soup Nazi'.

Mrs. Lee was an Asian business woman, who rarely watched American TV, so of course I understood the dilemma I'd face trying to explain it all to her; how the "idea" already existed and the guy she thought was "so smart", probably wasn't so smart... so, I didn't.

WOW... That's a lot of so's up above. I really should edit the paragraph, but I'm not. I'm smart enough to do it, but also smart enough to know that being smart, does not usually increase up-votes received on posts😁 especially if you're trying to convince people you're smart. That's not smart...or... maybe it is...?!?!?!?

What the hell do 'I' know, anyway... I'm not that smart.

GEEeeeeezzzzzzzz... Give me a break, my friends... ole AngryMan ain't no genus. I failed reciting the alphabet in my Kindergarten class at school a hundred or so years ago... I said "L and M" instead of L-M-N... an error of which barred me from attending Harvard many years later!

In closing; that "SMART" fellow failed miserably with his "Smart idea" stolen from the Soup Nazi within a few short months.

The commercial canned soup company he bought his soup from, kept changing their recipe, frustrating the few customers he had. Then the soup supplier went out of business, so he had to buy from another company. The new company had a minimum order purchasing requirement, which strained the poor guys capital flow, worse than it already was.

He also had a wee bit of trouble meeting his store's rent of $12,000. per month, monthly utility bill of $1,800. along with other expenses like re-paying the construction loan for interior renovations, equipment rental, etc...

At $2.95 per cup of soup, with free bread, it was quite a failed proposition with about six regular customers per day.

I felt badly for the fellow. He seemed like a nice enough gentleman; just NOT "So smart". At least NOT in THAT way, but 'hey', S-M-A-R-T can be a very subjective word, even though it's not meant to be...
In my humble opinion of course...

What sayeth youeth?


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