'WARNING' New Account (angry-man) is NOT Me - @AngryMan... !!!

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WARNING...!!! There is a new imposter on this platform who chose to register as @angry-man, knowing that the account name @AngryMan (me) was already taken and in use. They have hyphenated the user name, of which passed the sign-in process.

It may be a malicious act in an attempt to confuse my friends, followers, along with other users and Communities on Steemit.com. Therefore... I'm publishing this post as an ALERT in case the new account has malicious intentions and starts posing as me.


They've been posting so-far, mostly in @worldofxpilar community (Seen below) in which I have been a Guest member for quite some time; causing additional confusion, perhaps to other community members.


Below, you can view the screenshot of their Account Details from @steemchiller 's Steemworld.org, of which they created the account recently on 2021-4-27 just over one week ago. I have been a member on @steemit since December of 2017...


Now this may not be a violation of any rules set forth by the platform, but perhaps it should be...???

In any case, I have been downvoting the fake angry-man's posts and leaving them a comment as well to voice my displeasure:


I suspect the account may have been created by another user here or from another platform, of which they're targeting my @angryman account for nefarious reasons.

Below, you can see a screen-shot of a segment from their introductory post in which they already bemoan the Steemit.com platform and give indication that they have attempted to mask who they are, by indicating that they "had to use a friend" to set up the account for them...?!?!?!?

ANYWAY........ That's about all for now, my friends; just wanted to let you know, in case you stumbled across this fake @angry-man account too.


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on Steemit.com - May 7, 2021

Now there are two angry men on Steemit, and @angryman is angry at @angry-man.

Maybe it is purely coincidental that the name was used. Such things do happen. I think you should live and let live.

He sounds - like you, an angry man. Maybe you two can be brothers.

I agree with @adeljose

My username @xpilar is also in various imitations here on the platform, but now I'm not @angry-man or @AngryMan so I did not get angry at those who imitated my name.

You both have good writing skills, why not cheer each other up @angryman and say that you got a little brother @angry-man here on the platform. Maybe you both benefit from it.
Shake your hand and smile instead, but do not forget to be angry with good humor

say that you got a little brother

Like the Gallagher brothers.

Nice work! You just got yourself a $6.26 upvote. Enjoy! Check us out at acom.uno or swing by for a chat at ACOM Discord

No, I didn't try @angryman. I tried @angry-man. I don't care about you in the slightest. You're not important. I didn't know you existed until you decided to attack me in some strange ego trip thinking that I want to be you. I don't want to be you.

There's being angry and there's being a dick. You're being a dick.

Hey FAKE... I don't give a damn that you "don't care about" me "in the slightest" :>)
It's NOT an "ego trip" dick-head. Just protecting my space here on this blockchain and trying to protect others from confusing the REAL @angryman from the fake one - YOU...!!!

You might try using an original user name to post under? That would be the right thing to do. Huh? I would even up-vote you under other circumstances... you're a fairly good writer, it seems.

Greetings friends @angryman and @angry-man.

I think they should treat each other with more respect, I think it is just a coincidence that they look alike in the username, they just have to comply with generating original content, let's see how it turns out, maybe no one is mistaken who is the old @angryman and the new @angry-man.

Let's move on.